2013/2014- Best Years are AHEAD

The Wonder Boy Jordan has had an amazing world tour, and it continues to both poles.

The next phase of adventure will be the formation of an amazing Ultra Team, a billing of the top Trail/MTB/SUP/Multisport and Expedition Athletes on earth.  The name of the game will be the podium of the most grueling and important endurance events in the world. News to come.

In the mean time: Super K is in France racing with AXA-Adidas..watch them to race to the podium, and Paul is heading to Brasil Ride…7 day MTB Stage.

Stay tuned for the rocket launch of 4 Seasons Coaching- it’s time to pay it forward. GO fast, take chances.

Team Jordan in Antarctica

SUPER K heads to France for Worlds

AXA Adidas of Sweden – just OFF winning the worlds in ’11, in Tanzania….are beefing up the horse power with bringing on board Super K for the Adventure Racing World Championships, in France. September 12 is start date. Watch for this squad to be heading for the TOP of the podium.

LIFEPROOF, for the iPhone


iPhone staying protected

Killer session on Big Bear Lake, GO PRO’n the Hobie Carbon 12,6″, during testing of the new LIFEPROOF, and it’s lifejacket. INSANE product. GET IT!

Team SOLE, injects into Team BV Bikes

…and for the win of the Industry Challenge- Team event.

6 Hour Challenge, Bike for Bender…”Riding for a Reason”. All new course and event, in Southern California…Paul steps into the team last minute to help the 4some manage a dominating win, with 9 laps in 6 hours. More than any other team. Insanity. (Kudos Allan!)
To the team: John Nobil, Ana Dvorak, and Hermonator, proud to have rode with ya. Let’s do it again.


P paces Jen Seggar “Seegs” to 6th at Leadville 100 Ultra

P pacing Jen to the 12,600' pass

P pacing Jen to the 12,600' pass


Jen Seegs…as we call her…has recently sought the refuge, wisdom and healing power of 4 seasons Coaching, and subsequently toed up at the Leadville 100, on Aug 18, and put her life on the line…or what was one of the most incredible performances I’ve ever seen….taking 6th place women and 35th over all amongst 800 plus racers from all over the world.

Team Lands 2nd at Worlds Qualifier

TEAM enroute to Sierras


Along side more chaos, confusion, heat, battles, poison oak, MASSIVE climbs, insane canyons…Team SOLE takes a second place, to the incredibly talented Team Columbia of Spain. We have earned the slot for the worlds taking place in France in September, of which we must respectfully decline due to previous commitments. Super K is off to Worlds with Sweden’s Team Adidas, P and Jman off to Taiwan to receive an honor…then directly to Brasil Ride. Stay tuned.

Gold Rush/Mother Load Worlds Qualifier here we come!

Straight into the heart of the Sierra Nevada’s….the most beautiful Mountains in America.

Team: Paul, Karen and new comers Aaron and  Nathalie

New partner: VIRUS. Check. This. Stuff. Out.

MUCH more news to post soon.


Untamed New England for real…. (start, packraft, canoe to raft)

A twosome in a foresome World.  Definitely some advantages and some disadvantages.  It didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t matter… we were two and we’d see what we could do.

Rule #1 – Start off well rested.

Whoops, missed this one…. started on Friday on Ford Lane with a big block party.  An epic 50 mile mountain bike race on Sunday (oh and label it the State Championships)…. pack, catch a ride to Long Beach for a Red Eye to North Carolina.  Wait guys, the race is in Maine, thats 1100 miles aways – get a new travel agent!

Nope just in line with preparation… fly to Charlotte (redeye) to pick up the most excellent NOW / A3 Sprinter Van! Nice!  Oh and test it out by driving straight North to Maine – 23 hours of adventure racing preparation.  Arrive in time for gear check and the race meeting and maps… prepare the maps…. plot coordinates, plan the course for the morning…

We packed our gear so it was race ready, worked on maps till we couldn’t see the map any longer and went to sleep not quite finished.

In the a.m. a 2 hour bus ride to the start.  PACKRAFTING.

Side note….we stopped at Walmart on the way to the race to pick up our “packraft”  Thank God for our friends and fellow racers the yoga slackers.  They saw our Walmart boat and immediately had a little conference between themselves and decided they would lend us an extra boat from Alpaca (the best packrafts anywhere).  We were grateful….and even more so as the race went on loving our Alpaca Raft.

The start left room to run a bit and then jump in the water or jump directly in the water with the packrafts and start paddling. We went for the paddling option and soon had the lead….until we saw all the runners at the checkpoint where it was total chaos to get to the shore.  We tried to eddy out and got bumped, paddled, run over, washed down stream and basically beat up trying to get out of our boat to the check point person.  Oh well…. just chill 3 more days of this… people are gonna spread out.  We hopped back in our tiny raft (the two of us barely fitting in it) but we padded good – a little disappointed that we were at the middle to back of the pack.  To our surprise it didn’t take us long and we were back at the front of the pack, in fact it seemed kinda easy that we got right back to the front.  We grabbed a couple of check points and arrived at the next section together with the first place team.  As a two person team, we were issued a canoe.  The 4 person teams got a canoe and a kayak – up to them how they spread out.  We made a quick transition and took the lead in the canoe.

SIDE BAR…. we are paddling up front and see a moose walk up to the side of the lake.  He walks into the water and swims out to the middle of the lake.  Wow that was cool.  Never saw a moose swim!

We lead the canoe to the end and here’s what’s in store…. White Water Rafting.  Every two teams will join together on a raft with a guide for a pretty cool white water section.

We are first out of the water and look back to see who is next out and will join us.  Awesome!  It’s our friends the Yoga Slackers!  We all cheer and run to the raft, happy to join forces at the front of the race.  More to come….

Back on the Circuit: Untamed New England

Team is coming off hiatus and blasting into the international circuit.

We’ll be toeing up with 50 other teams including reigning world champs, Thule of Sweden…and looking to the podium. 200 mile of ROUGH New England bush lie in the way.

It’s going to be a bit unconventional….Team SOLE will be TWO-SOME. Super K and P.

We got speed, experience and talent. It’s all about holding it together and going till it hurts….then keep going. A lot.

More news on this to come straight away.

Navigator Paul and MacGuyver SUPER K

Arizona/AZT 300

Starting Monday the 16th. The Longest Single Track Race in the World.

Solo, Unsupported, Unassisted, nonstaffed, Non Stop from Mexico to Utah. Course record is 7.5 days.

Paul and Karen starting together…

We went 90 hours….to the 300 mile mark. Simply unreal. We’ll be back in October to attempt the course record. Boatman- eat thy Wheaties.